Blackmagic Continues To Amaze

Blackmagic held the prize for the show stunner. I’ve been going to NAB for close to 15 years now and I have never been more wowed than I was by the new Ursa camera. Blown away really by the quality of the live image i was seeing. It was truly digital film. This is a camera designed for use in the studio and has an incredibly large 10” viewfinder. It’s 4k image sensor is as large as Blackmagic’s film scanner, and can out put via 12G-SDI or record via internal dual RAW AND ProRes recorders. It supports many different lens types with a user upgradeable sensor – which preserves the major hardware investment for the future. Although it is hardly an investment coming in at under $6000. I’m still shaking my head at in disbelief at the price.

If the Ursa camera wasn’t enough, there’s also a new 4k camera designed for broadcast using the same 10” screen at a cost of under $2000.

I was also able to get a tour of the just announced new version of DaVinci Resolve Edit from the new Senior Director of Marketing at Blackmagic Design, Paul Saconne. But Paul, I said, Resolve is not a editing tool… After seeing this demo, i can confirm it will be when this new version is released. One of the folks in our demo commented that it looked like they took the best of Final Cut 7 and Premiere Pro and combined them. Oh, and the price for all of the tools except for a few very high end features?… free.

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