Nexto DI 4k Memory Card Back Up Storage


If you are not sure what type of media you need to support or if you need to support multiple types of media, the NSB-25 2K and 4K Memory Card Backup Storage Bridge with Interchangeable Memory Card Module for CF, SD, SDHC and SDXC Cards from Nexto might be a great solution. You can internally copy your memory cards to interchangeable hard drive modules that can then be mounted on your computer workstation. The product had a great interface as well as the ability to preview video on its LCD screen. It’s due out this Fall. No pricing yet.

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One thought on “Nexto DI 4k Memory Card Back Up Storage

  1. Thanks for the post.
    The NSB-25 main device has a fixed CF and SD(SDHC,SDXC) memory card readers. these memory reader can’t be swapped with other types. Instead, the NSB-25 have two drive bay (for two removal USB3.0 drives) and another media bay (for interchangeable SxS / P2 & ExpressP2 / RED / AJA / AXSM / 2.5′ SSD(or HDD) / CFast memory modules). With one touch, NSB-25 generates upto three true backs up copies simultaneously (MCopy) on two removal drives and one external USB3.0 drive attached to it. The 4K playback and transcoding package comes later as optional upgrade pack. More product information available

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