Wireless Storage for iPad

G|Connect provides wireless storage for the iPad and can stream up to 5 SD or 3 HD video streams to 5 or more users. It has built in WiFI internet access and can be password protected. A 500GB version sells for less than $200.

Workgroup Shared Media Storage

I was on the lookout for some possibilities for shared storage for the MPS to help avoid the problem of patrons being locked to the workstation where they transferred their footage.

I found an interesting and affordable solution from Synology. This was one of those small booths where a company that had been making NAS software for years, decided to sell hardware as well to sell a package. It seemed well designed and flexible, supporting all types of drives (which are not included). There are two ethernet jacks which can be used together and at under $800 for the chassis, could be a good solution for local shared storage.

I also spoke with the folks at QNAP about their small NAS such as the TS-1079 Pro which sells for around $2700 and features NAS and iSCSI, policy based IP blocking (to limit access to ust the labs, SSL and shared folder management.

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New Epson PowerLite Pro Z

The new Epson Pro Z series features great brightness and contrast ratio, 6 axis color adjustment, as well as some impressive edge blending technology to put multiple projectors side by side. I saw this demonstrated and was really impressed. They also offer split screen presentation, multiple PC presentation wirelessly (up to 4 systems simultaneously which could be good in a collaborative lab) and wireless connectivity with the iPhone/iPad. Their prices range from around $10k to just under $20k for the new models.

Haivision Viper – High End Classroom Recording

With features like 30 fps content recording simultaneous with HD video recording, a cool proprietary dual stream player and live streaming, the Haivision Viper might be a good solution for those programs that require high end recording in the classroom or event center. It can function as a standalone recorder/server or can integrate with the Haivision Furnace server for distribution and transcoding. While it doesn’t offer many of the collaboration and specific lecture capture features of DukeCapture, there may be applications where the quality of the recording is of primary importance.

More information: http://www.haivision.com/products/viper

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Planar Multi-touch Multi-Screen 3D Capable Display

Planar was showing (4) of their 55″ Clarity Matix LCD (LED backlit) displays. The monitors were so well mounted (using the EasyAxis™ mounting system) that it didn’t really bother you when dragging images across the seams.  The monitors were made interactive using Omnitaps 2.o multitouch software. They offer a number of pre-built templates for things like puzzles and maps which can speed development and deployment of interactive applications and have non-profit pricing. The hardware framework was by PQ Labs and can be custom made to fit many different sized displays – including multiple displays as seen here.

The sensors used for the touch screen in the frame of the monitor

Planar Architectural Video Wall


The Planar Mosaic Architectural Video Wall System features three different sized LCD (LED backlit) tiles from 21″ square to 46″ and 55″ rectangular. Tiles can be mounted at any angle or in any position and you can scale one image or video over the tile layout. It has an ADA compliant ultra thin mounting system and specialized software to help you create and preview layouts.


Coolsign from Haivision

Haivision was showing their Coolsign digital signage system. We need to do more investigation into the distributed administration but I liked their ability to link to dynamic content.  Their ability to produce beautiful video was also notable, but since that is the focus of the rest of their product line, it was somewhat expected. They also had a cool timeline based editor for creating dynamic content.


Triple Monitor Has Wings


Acme Portable Machines was showing their Wings product which is a portable, ruggedized triple 17.3″ LED LCD display for a total resolution 5760 x 1080.  This is highly utilized in military applications but I thought there might be applications for both remote broadcast locations as well as field research work. Cost is around $3000.

Annotating In Interactive 3D

Kenziko Kontact is a companion product to to the real time 3D broadcast graphics application VizRT. It allows you to create macros to allow someone to manipulate and annotate inside a 3D CGI environment in real time. You can create different types of icons and graphics tool giving the broadcaster (or in our case the instructor or presenter) a simple to use interface. While this is for broadcast, I can absolutely see applications in teaching – maybe engineering or medical instruction – being able to interact with a model with simple tools – assuming you have the developers to create the application.