Aspera Sync – Helps sync media across the globe

Aspera Sync is a new software engine the enables highly scalable, multidirectional file replication and synchronization. Sync is designed to overcome the bottlenecks of conventional synchronization tools like rsync and scale up for maximum speed replication and synchronization over WANs, for large file stores  with large file sizes. Aspera Sync reconciles file system changes with remote peers at extremely high speed (500 files per second+) on commodity hardware and does not degrade in performance with the number of files, or with WAN conditions. Built upon patented fasp transport, Aspera Sync transfers new data between peers at full bandwidth capacity, regardless of distance and network conditions (100X+ rsync over long distance and high bandwdith WANs). This could be useful to help stage large media close to different global learning centers as Duke continues to expand the reach of our campus.

Cache-A Prime – Super Smart Archival Deck

The new Prime-Cache5 (MSRP: $7,995) is smart LTO-5 drive and a 2TB hard disc drive that allows you to archive across a network without the need of a server. It lives on the network and you can simply “drop” files onto the tape as if it were a regular network share. You can search for your media u sing its built-in searchable database of all your tapes – remembering every single tape it has ever seen and will even share its catalog database with all other Cache-A appliances on the network. You can schedule automated backups or events on a one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Of course you can span archives across multiple cartridges as well. This seems like a good solution for a work group sized way to archive media to tape.

Squeezing In The Clouds With Sorenson’s Managed Encoding Solution

Sorenson Media makes tools to convert video from one format to another.  They sell licensed software solutions that are usually installed on premise. They are now offering this as a managed, cloud based service.  Depending on cost (not released at this time) and minimum subscriptions, quantities, this could be a good solution on a project or as needed basis for some folks around campus.

Costs range from $499/month to $1500/month depending on the version you need – with a 1 year commitment.  Squeeze Server for On-Premise installation pricing is: $5900/license, per server due upfront for the 1st year which includes all on-boarding, upgrades, maintenance and support.  Then is it $900/license, per server from years 2+ that you wish to continue using the on-premise license.

StorageDNA – file based backup and archive down the pipeline

StorageDNA offers a complete media archive software solution using LTO-5 tape as the storage medium. Functionality includes immediate backup/archive of source materials (so expensive solid state media cards can be wiped), active backup of current projects, migration of media between different workstations (with understanding of AVID and Final Cut XML data) as well as the final archive of your project.  Their web based interface allows you to search,  browse and preview your files before restoring them from tape. Cost for the server is around $5000 and each client is licensed at about $250. The system can work with a single LTO drive or a tape robot.

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XenData Digital Archives

XenData offers a hardware/software solution to read/write/archive media files to LTO – 5 tape. The files can be read directly on Windows or Mac (from a Final Cut workstation for example) and charges no client fees as some other solutions do. The fact that the system is looks just like a file system to the operator is an advantage since it is not tightly integrated with any specific software, it can be used by any application to store any type of file.