Nvidia’s 3D Vision Pro

I spent a good bit of time at the NVIDIA booth talking about the NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro system. For $150, you get a pair of active shutter glasses (that are timed with the graphics card) as well as the RF receiver hub for the glasses. When combined with a compatible NVIDIA QUadro graphics card and monitor or projector, you get a really cost effective system to play back 3D content without requiring “mastered” content on say a Blu-Ray disk.  We are currently considering this technology as the basis for the DDI 3D project the “3D Exploration Station”.

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Perceptive Pixel Multitouch Screen

Perceptive Pixel demonstrated a multitouch screen that uses a series of cameras to track as many points as is placed on the screen. You can have multiple people interacting with multiple fingers at the same time. It also features gestured based movements like on an iPhone to make items larger or smaller and there is acceleration/deceleration of images being moved around on the screen.

They come in 27″, 55″ and 100″ sizes with the 55″ model costing around $60,000.

It is currently in use by such media companies as CNN. Here’s an example of the technology being used across multiple monitors:

Planar Video Wall Systems – Go big, not broke

The Clarity Matrix 55″ LCD video wall panel includes the screen, mount and controller for around $40k.  The screens are super thin and their unique mounting system makes it easy to remove the monitor for servicing and gets it very close to the wall.

They were displaying a 140″ Clarity MegaPixel wall that consisted of 6 panels at a cost of around $150k. At first look, the monitors seemed to be integrated seamlessly.  I was thinking of this solution for TelePresence custom installation, maybe the video hallway we’ve been speaking about.

Upon closer examination, it wasn’t EXACTLY seamless, but it was closer than I had ever seen multiple screens combined.