Lehman College’s Media Center

At the SONY education event, Lehman College presented on their new 16 million dollar media center. As part of the City University of New York system, the media center was built in support of multiple programs at the college.

Although sources of funding were not mentioned, it was interesting that the studio is owned and operated by their central IT group in partnership with their music, art and journalism departments. The studio was built to be the one central source for media services AND education for the campus. That is a big difference in most of these big projects – Duke doesn’t have a School of Journalism, a major in Media Communications and is not the local NPR station – all of those tend to drive these super expensive studio projects.

Funny aside. I was having lunch with a friend of mine  the next day, going on and on about this project. A random guy sitting next to my friend leans over and says, “Are you talking about Lehman College? I was the lead AV architect on that project.” Glad I only said nice things. I have his card. His firm specializes in helping schools develop use cases, requirements and project spects. He let me know that this project multiple years to complete. The company Harvey Marshall Berling Associates is located in NYC and specializes in working with colleges and universities to help the develop use cases and project specifications for media projects such as this. I was speaking with David Harvey, one of the principals of the company.