Manfrotto’s New Snake Arm

The new Snake Arm from Manfrotto might be a cool alternative for folks that like flexible mounting for their camera such but need a little more reach than something like the Gorilla Pod can offer. The arm is completely bendable then by tightening the knob at the end, will lock into place. You can connect it to a standard tripod or a clamp and you can connect a light and your camera to the same mount. It will be available in May for around $130.

Reflecmedia – low cost/high quality chroma key

Starting about $1600 including the special ring light and a background, the Reflecmedia chroma key system made for really good key (even with my hair – see below). It’s a really portable solution and can be used for live production with such tools as Wirecast or used with iMovie or other programs to pull simple keys and make your interviews or webcasts appear much more produced at a relatively low cost.

This was done in just a few minutes with a consumer grade image processing program.

Nanuk of the Case

We’ve standardized on Pelican cases with the DDI program and those have worked well for us. I checked out Nanuk cases and was really impressed with the quality. The fact that they were waterproof might provide additional protection. They are priced a tad higher than Pelican, but its always good to have an option for our case selections.