Sonnet Brings New Possibilities To The Mac Thanks To Thunderbolt

Sonnet, a long time Mac vendor, had a bunch of new solutions for the Mac based on the newly released 1.5 TB solid state drive the Fusion F2, uses the new Thunderbolt technology to provide incredible speed and capacity in an incredibly small package. The device is about the size of two CD cases stacked one on top of another. Although I don’t have pricing for the new version, their SATA version is about $500.

The Sonnet Echo Expansion Chassis allows you to connect any high performance PCIe 2.0 adapter into any computer with a thunderbolt port, such as the new Macbook Pro. With 2 Thunderbolt ports you can daisy chain up to 6 devices to a single and its speed would allow you to use cards like video capture cards; 8GB Fibre channel cards, RAID controller cards, 10Gigabit Ethernet cards. The Echo Expansion Chassis comes in 2 sizes standard and XL, both come complete with fans to cool the cards, and come with the relevant integrated power supply. It will be released this summer. Pricing has not yet been announced yet, but it would allow you to make the Macbook Pro the centerpiece of your editing system, connecting this device when digitizing or outputting, but working free when editing.

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