NAB 2011 Wrap Up

The tone of the annual National Association of Broadcaster’s Convention in Las Vegas this year continued to build upon the momentum of previous years with a wealth of new products and a further blurring of computing and video technologies and broadcasting and “broader-casting” distributing content over the Internet. I was honored to present at this year’s newest set of breakout sessions, Telepresence World and was able to hear from peers in our field about how they are using this growing communications medium.

My day two webcast has been archived here:

I decided to try a more “time-shifted” approach as well, producing this vodcast:

I hope the products I’ve chosen to highlight here will prove to be a useful resource throughout the year. Please feel free to provide feedback as to how I can help bring all of Duke with me to this very valuable, and intensely packed 4 days in the desert.

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