Squeezing In The Clouds With Sorenson’s Managed Encoding Solution

Sorenson Media makes tools to convert video from one format to another.  They sell licensed software solutions that are usually installed on premise. They are now offering this as a managed, cloud based service.  Depending on cost (not released at this time) and minimum subscriptions, quantities, this could be a good solution on a project or as needed basis for some folks around campus.

Costs range from $499/month to $1500/month depending on the version you need – with a 1 year commitment.  Squeeze Server for On-Premise installation pricing is: $5900/license, per server due upfront for the 1st year which includes all on-boarding, upgrades, maintenance and support.  Then is it $900/license, per server from years 2+ that you wish to continue using the on-premise license.

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