Extron New for 2011

Extron had a number of new products at the show. The Foxbox HDMI fiber optic extender sends HDMI video, audio and RS-232 control over very long distances. With list prices of just over $2000 each for transmitter and receiver, these wouldn’t be a cost effective solution for digital signage distribution (as was my original thought). There could be applications however for video overflow between locations depending on point to point fiber availability. There is also a DVI version of this box.

The SMX Sustem MultiMatrix is a really flexible matrix switcher that can combine many different types of analog or digital video within the same frame by the selection of different modules.  They range in price from just under $4000 to $9500 depending on the number of slots needed.

They also have two new display port adapter pig tails. The HDMI adapter’s MSRP is $50 and the VGA adapter’s MSRP is $80.

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