House Course

The History of Us house course will be an exploration of the history of Black people at Duke before and after desegregation. This course aims to foster a better understanding of the trajectory of Black progress at Duke and the efforts which still need to be put forth. This course will also encourage students to explore how students may use their influence to catalyze change at Duke and in our surrounding communities. Throughout this course, students will seek four main targets—to indulge in the meaning of what it means to be Black both at Duke and throughout the world, to acquire knowledge about the various identities across the African diaspora, to develop a better understanding of what it means to be Black with special regard to intersecting identities, and to enrich learning about the history of the people of the African diaspora. Topics will include Duke and its connections to slavery; Black labor at Duke; Desegregation at Duke; Allen Building Study-In, Silent Vigil, and Allen Building Takeover and its demands; racism in sports; “Black Duke” from 1980-present, and Duke in Durham.