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Experience One (300 Hours)


I worked for WeWork in their startup/accelerator division called WeWork Labs as a marketing operations intern. WeWork is a startup that provides shared workspaces for technology startups and services for other enterprises. WeWork Labs is a startup within the company that functions as a startup incubator, providing an open workspace with the goal of encouraging collaboration among members who are in early stage startups.

I analyzed 10 competitor websites and evaluated best practices from industry, mapped various paths throughout user experience, and gave recommendations to improve engagement and time spent on owned and operated platforms. I created marketing collateral and assets for approximately 80 WeWork Labs locations and organized marketing materials for the global Labs team.


The marketing and analytical insights I gained at WeWork Labs this past summer prepared me well for the general business acumen needed in an innovative field. As a Marketing Operations Intern for the We Company’s global platform for early stage startups, I created marketing collateral and assets for a global team and organized existing marketing materials in order to increase efficiency.

Additionally, I analyzed competitor websites and mapped user experience to improve engagement and time spent on several owned and operated platforms. Analyzing the competitor websites was incredibly interesting because I had the chance to see other accelerators and incubators at similar stages. I learned best industry best practices through this and what makes startups succeed.

I generated innovative ideas when working on my intern project. We were assigned to come up with a problem that WeWork could solve. We generate the idea that they should partner with their local communities to introduce kids in low income schools to the startup environment.

A time I failed during this experience is when I didn’t have time to finish a project at the end of my internship. I learned that I should have been managing my time better and providing myself with buffer room for if anything arose out of the blue, which it did. I now know I need to keep myself on a tighter schedule in order to get things done.

The most important thing I learned was how important it is to feel passionate about the place you are working. I think WeWork provides a tremendous culture that people are immensely happy at their jobs. This is something that I will keep in mind moving forward as I go through the recruiting process.


Here is the flyer I created for one of the WeWork Labs Launch parties in Minnesota. I used Adobe Creative Cloud in order to create this marketing asset. I followed all of the WeWork stylistic guidelines in order to do so.

Experience Two (150 Hours)


I worked for The Duke Chronicle Business Office in a marketing role. I helped stage school-wide events and manage social media accounts to grow subscriber count and readership
We increased reader and subscriber count on new section of the Chronicle by 21% in the first month through improving user interface on website and identifying goals for A/B testing.

Specifically, in the role I helped with The Blue Dirt and the Best of Duke competition. The Blue Dirt is a section of The Chronicle similar to The Skimm that is a satirical newsletter featuring events around Duke’s campus. I helped to come up with headlines and content for this section. For the Best of Duke my team came up with categories to include in the local competition such as “Best Sandwich in Durham” or “Favorite Late Night Spot.”

We work alongside the Ad Staff in order to form partnerships with local Durham businesses. Additionally, we worked with the Duke store and Duke Athletics in order to increase revenue for The Chronicle.


Innovative ideas I assisted with in generating solutions to complex problems include thoughtful marketing campaigns such as giving out “dirt cups” on East Campus in order to promote The Blue Dirt, starting social media marketing campaigns revolving around Duke first-year students, and working with local Durham establishments in order to sell ads in contests and increase the profitability of the site.

A specific time I failed at The Chronicle was when I had overbooked myself sophomore year. I had signed up for too many commitments and ended up missing a few meetings in a row. This was a bad move because I think my teammates lost trust in me. I decided to reorganize my priorities, and make sure I was giving the position the attention it deserved. This taught me it is better to be really involved in a few things than to be somewhat involved in a lot of activities.

Working at The Chronicle exposed me to how many resources Duke has to offer and how many Duke students do not capitalize on these resources. I found that the newspaper industry is somewhere that is in desperate need of innovation, and I am very curious to see where it lands in the future.

The most important thing I learned in this experience was the value of utilizing all of my networks. I found that the most successful campaigns came from reaching out to all of my own personal networks as well as the networks that Duke has to offer. I think that this will carry on in many different areas of my life, and I now know the importance of maintaining and supporting these networks.


I helped to curate the categories of the annual Best of Duke section in The Chronicle and write the adjoining captions with the winners of the competition.