Didactic Series

Once a month, the MC Team provides a didactic series led by members of our team, faculty members at Duke University, and guest lecturers from outside institutions. Each academic year, we work together to co-create a list of topics, drawn from experience in multicultural training and lived experiences, aimed to deliver robust multicultural education for our members. These meetings include both didactic and experimental training components.  Some of the topics presented on MC Team have included:

  • “Unearned privilege and oppression”
  • “Working with immigrants and refugees, acculturative stress” 
  • “Spiritually conscious psychological care”
  • “Implications of socioeconomic status in clinical care”
  • “Impact of sociopolitical climate, civility, and polarization – Impact on patients and providers”
  • “Implicit bias and microaggressions”
  • “Operationalizing terms – Cultural humility vs. cultural competence”
  • “Challenging implicit biases and assumptions”
  • “Cultural factors and sleep medicine”
  • “Cultural factors in eating and eating disorders “
  • “Process-oriented models of cultural competence”
  • “LGBTQ affirmative care”
  • “Addressing microaggressions”
  • “Interrogating whiteness”
  • “Intersection between race, religion, and disability”
  • “Considering sensory-related disabilities”


* CME credits are not available.

*If interested in presenting a topic at one of our meetings for the 2020-2021 academic year please contact us.