We seek to create a community of mental health care providers who are committed to providing high quality, evidence-based, mental health care that is multiculturally conscious and responsive.



To become the leading resource for the delivery of quality mental health care that is multiculturally conscious and responsive. Moreover, we seek to develop a model for multicultural peer-consultation that can be disseminated widely across a range of diverse settings.


We aim to:

    • cultivate an environment where members simultaneously support and challenge one another to facilitate continued personal and professional growth. Therefore, we strive to remain open to feedback from other members of our team, which will facilitate us critically examining our blind spots and operate from a position of humility.
    • utilize a trauma-informed lens through which we view systems of oppression (such as racism and discrimination), and their impact on physical and psychological well-being.
    • serve as agents of change within our institution to bolster capacity for multiculturally conscious and responsive care within our institution and surrounding community. We, therefore, seek to increase the engagement of underserved populations within our department in the context of outpatient mental health assessment and treatment.
    • serve as a resource within our institution and the surrounding community in providing multicultural education and training.