Development, Implementation, & Collaboration

Initial development of the Duke MC Team

The MC Team began in 2016 when members (i.e., pre-doctoral clinical psychology interns at the time) desired for such a service. With the support of several faculty members, they began by formally assessing interest, developing the curriculum, and recruiting members.

Click here to read a peer-reviewed paper where we documented our early efforts to develop our team.

Our dissemination and implementation efforts

Our team set out to develop a model that could be replicated in diverse practice settings (e.g., training clinics, private practices, community clinics) and in distinct geographic regions. As such, we are currently utilizing an implementation science framework to evaluate our service with the aim to increase the dissemination of our model.


Through the years, we have been approached by several collaborators across the country who have been interested in developing and implementing a Multicultural Consultation Team at their institutions, inspired by our model at Duke. Our collaborators work at:

  • Purdue University
  • University of Arkansas – Little Rock
  • University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • VA Little Rock
  • VA Boston
  • Durham VA

Please contact us at if you are interested in connection to discuss a potential collaboration.