I am 148415_lozier_susan_0028a physical oceanographer who studies large-scale ocean circulation.  Overall, my research focuses on the ocean’s role in climate variability and climate change. I study the large-scale meridional

overturning circulation of the ocean and how that circulation impacts the transfer of heat and fresh water from one part of the ocean to another. I am currently the international project lead for OSNAP (o-snap.org), an observing system designed to measure the meridional overturning in the subpolar North Atlantic.

My current research also focuses on understanding the physical controls on marine productivity. I am interested in how the ocean’s primary productivity will respond to climate variability and change and, as such, am researching how and whether ocean physics plays a role in those expected changes.

Potential students: I am always interested in talking to students interested in graduate study in oceanography.  Some of my students focus solely on physical oceanography, while others work at the intersection of physical and biogeochemical oceanography.  Check out my recent work and my students’ projects and, if you see something that interests you, contact me to discuss the possibility of pursuing graduate study here at Duke.