MRS@Duke strives to bring materials science technology and awareness to students of all ages and backgrounds in the Durham community. We believe in supporting and teaching students of underrepresented backgrounds to cultivate a generation of diverse materials scientists and engineers.

MRS@DUKE visits Montessori School of Durham to host 3 material science miniature workshops!

LITE (Light, Infrared, and Thermal Energy) Workshop

Hosted by Hsu Group at Duke University

On Saturday, March 19, 2022, MRS@DUKE collaborated with the Hsu Group to bring optics and materials science workshops to North Carolina high school students!

MRS@Duke partners with local public schools to host workshops and outreach events such as materials science trivia and superhero activities to engage students. Presentation slides from a few of our past online events are listed here.

Interested in our outreach events or have a specific event in mind? Contact our Outreach Coordinator at WL150@duke.edu