We are Materials Research Society at Duke.

MRS@Duke is an independent student run organization but is instated under the umbrella of globally known society “MRS” to develop a framework wherein materials discipline can convene, collaborate, integrate and advocate the science throughout the world. The primary goal of the society is to facilitate association and communication between the students/faculties working in the field of materials science to promote on and off campus research.

We organize professional development activities such as symposiums, poster competitions, field trips, mentoring programs, panel discussions, career readiness seminars, industrial social events but are not limited to it. We intend to organize informal social events like trivia nights, science and art competitions along with innovation & creativity festivals. Not only we offer MRS conference travel support, project grants for student ideas but we also provide a platform to connect and collaborate with the faculties in the Duke Materials Initiative (DMI). We welcome you all to be a part of this closely knitted society and looking forward to great events to follow. Stay connected…