The Time Has Come

The time has come to speak of many things- Lewis Carroll

When Lewis Carroll wrote that he didn’t know about Moxie. Since saying goodbye to the Moxies just a week ago I haven’t spoken of much else. A lot has happened this week…the Democratic National Convention…but I’ve stayed in the Moxie mindset, i.e I’ve dissected my life and I can’t go back. All summer I listened to people bash feminists casually, bash non-profits casually, and criticize Duke Engage casually, but I was enveloped in the warm embrace of my sisters in Moxie so…

I was immune from the haters obviously, as I was chilling in NYC with my feminist cohort, supported by my non-profit, the program coordinator, and the director. But now I am back in the real world and in a month I’ll be working for an unnamed corporation (the kind that runs background checks and drug tests). How have I adjusted to being thrown back into the real world?


Post-Moxie, everything looks different. The grass on the other side of woke is not greener, it’s jade and emerald.


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