For Future Moxies


My fellow Sanctuary intern & partner in crime

To the next installment of NYC-bound badasses,

July 27, 2013 sitting in JFK and already I am SO JEALOUS OF YOU. Get ready for the most unpredictable, challenging and unparalleled experience of your entire life…and take note of the person you perceive yourself to be in this moment; this ‘self’s world will be turned upside down.

I can only imagine your excitement when you received your acceptance letter, screamed, and started making your bucket list for the summer ahead. Imagine I will, because my moment was one of quasi rejection…I was an alternate for Moxie. So for anyone on the waitlist or accepted late like I was, don’t be discouraged and have your moment too!! I feared that I may feel “second tier”, or that it would be really obvious and awkward that I wasn’t initially picked. As much as possible, try to banish these thoughts…you’re here, you’re fantastic and you are going to be an integral part of the group. Be assertive with your opinions and don’t be embarrassed about things you don’t know, this summer will be a learning experience for all.


Anita Hill!!

This being said, you are all going to be equipped with all of the tools (readings, internships, events), the location (change happens in NYC) and the catalysts (seminars, reflection dinners, blogging) to change your world and the reality of people around you. You have two brilliant, trailblazing women (Ada, Anna Marie and Walter…the only dog I will ever like) guiding you through this program designed to educate, inspire, shock, mobilize and fuel you to expose and remove the unspoken privilege and oppression ingrained in our society. The impact that Moxie will have on you is entirely in your control…take advantage of every moment to be challenged, nurtured and educated this summer.

Logistics: Buy a map. New York is YOURS for the summer, and it will take you that long to try and discover it all. You will be living in the trendy West Village area, right beside a subway station with trains that span all of the Boroughs. I don’t have a Smartphone, so my pop-out, laminated map took the place of any navigation apps (HopStop being the group favourite). Initially I was unsure and afraid of being lost or late, but I am so grateful now to have been forced to intuitively travel around the city. Having a map allows you to get a feel for the bigger picture, the different neighborhoods and how all the subway lines are organized. While you are off exploring….take photos!! I am really regretting my sporadic picture-taking right now as I’m desperate for Moxie. Luckily, I have Kristie aka the most fabulous and technologically savvy person alive who diligently captured  the past eight weeks in photos, videos, tweets and “check-ins”.



The Vannelli Family does Pride

Lastly, cherish and develop the connections you will make. You will be brought together with nine other Dukies that you probably would never have met otherwise. On top of that, your supervisors, the feminist superheroes and guest “lecturers” whom you will come in contact with are all phenomenal people to get to know. Listen to their stories, and share your own. As for the Moxies themselves…we were an eclectic bunch of women, each of whom I want to be when I grow up.




I will be joining the ranks of avid readers of this blogosphere, and can’t wait to read about how you tackle the summer ahead!

Moxie love,


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