A Letter to My Girls

To my cherished Moxies:

writing handI have typed and retyped; backspaced and deleted, and here remains the raw sentiment that comes closest to expressing my thankfulness for your participation in this experience with me.  Each of you have incited in me some form of personal growth, and for that, you deserve thanks.  So here is your thank you, your shout out, and your fifteen seconds of blogospheric fame.  Here is my letter of appreciation to all of you, though I’m sure these simple words will not really suffice.

To my lovely roommate Kristie:

Thank you for being so openly you.  We laughed about our strange habits and cracked the corniest jokes.  You taught me that being myself is just fine, and for that too, I thank you.

To my outrageous suitemate Ngozi:

Thank you for being so nurturing.  Never have I been so convinced or encouraged to take a chance, and without your (often fanatical) advice, I would not have arrived at this point.  So thank you for being there for me always—I can’t imagine how the summer would have gone without you.

To my friendly inspiration Melanie:

Thank you for being so kind.  I feel so happy to have met you and heard about your diverse experiences at Duke and your strong affinity for breadbaskets.  You showed me a lot about what it means to be a good friend and person, and I can’t wait to reunite in the fall.

To my knowledgeable buddy Maya:

Thank you for being so accepting!!  I never doubted whether or not I could talk to you about anything.  You really showed me the value in being open-minded, and I look up to you in so many different ways.

To my ambitious role model Vannelli:

Thank you for being so enthusiastic.  Your multi-dimensional excellence inspires me to strive for continuous improvement in every area of my life.  I’m so pleased to be able to call you a friend, and I thank you so much for your character and the brilliance in all that you do.

To my fun-loving friend Gracie:

Thanks for being so honest and approachable!  Conversing with you was always both rewarding and entertaining.  You were always there to laugh with me or offer a quick lesson about current events.  In short, thanks for being awesome.  I could always count on you for that.

To my loving and open Brianna:

I’m sure you know I can’t describe our friendship in a few short sentences, but I guess I’ll strike the tip of the iceberg by thanking you for your sincerity and determination in every single thing that you do.  I appreciate you and look up to you, and I’m really excited to continue our friendship in the future.

To my fellow freshman Lorena:

Thank you for being so friendly! You were always up for anything and I knew that we could always chat. As the only two sophomores we had a bond, and I appreciated that throughout the summer.

And to my soul sister Sarah:

Thank you so much for being my big sis, for mentoring me in so many ways, and for consistently encouraging me to do the right thing.  You are so talented and wise, and I feel like I will grow so much simply from being your friend.

Of course I’d also like to thank Ada and Anna Marie, our kind and fearless leaders who worked tirelessly to ensure that we Moxies had an entirely enriching experience this summer.  Similarly, I’d like to thank our commentators and everyone who reads our blogs, like Nancy, Christy, and especially my new pal Vic.  I’m grateful to all of you, and so appreciative of everything you’ve done.  Thank you so much for such a remarkable summer.  Surely, it will not be forgotten.

3 thoughts on “A Letter to My Girls

  1. Amber!!! you are awesome! I GOT A SHOUT-OUT!!!!! stoked is an understatement. keep changing the world stunnah. stay epic 🙂

    • THANKS VIC!! That all means so much especially coming from you. I’m so happy I got to meet you. Thanks for being an honorary Moxie !! 🙂

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