Recent Core Publications

A recent article by Ruzzo et al demonstrates that a mutation causing microcephaly and seizures in humans causes similar deficits in mice.

An article by Wetsel et al. shows that the cleavage of BDNF is essential for episodic and emotional memory formation.

Gomes et al. identify a novel ligand-receptor combination that is involved in feeding and metabolism.

Liu et al. demonstrate that transient, post-seizure, inhibition of TrkB can prevent future seizures and ameliorate other symptoms associated with epilepsy.

The combination of deficient serotonin-signaling and life stress are known to affect anxiety and impulsivity in humans. Sachs et al. explore the molecular pathways underlying this phenomenon in mice.

Rodriguiz et al. explore the role of carboxypeptidase E in depression and anxiety, revealing a model that better recapitulates the development of the disease in humans.