Core Personnel

The Mouse Behavioral and Neuroendocrine Analysis Core Facility is under the scientific direction of William Wetsel, PhD.  Dr. Wetsel founded the Core Facility in June 2000 and provides consulting services and assistance with experimental design, data interpretation, and manuscript- and grant-writing for prospective users. He can be reached by phone at 919-684-4574 or by email at
Ramona Rodriguiz, PhD. is the assistant director of the Core Facility. She has worked with Dr. Wetsel in the Core Facility since June 2000 and provides consultation on experimental design and data analysis, technical training for new users, and assistance with scheduling.  Her office is located within the Core Facility in the basement of the LSRC. She can be reached by phone at 919-684-4911 or by email at
Chris Means:  Head Research Technician since May 2010.  Conducts behavioral tests and analyses.
Nathan Franklin:  Research Technician since January 2020.  Conducts behavioral tests and assists with observations and care of the animals.
Joseph Lopez:  Comparative Medicine Specialist.  Maintains the Division of Laboratory Animal Research-managed animal housing facility and animal husbandry records