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MorphoSource Data Vocabulary now available!

The MorphoSource team is happy to announce the publication of the MorphoSource Data Vocabulary, a set of terms and controlled vocabularies for describing, contextualizing, and transmitting information about 3D, 2D, and AV media representing objects, both physical objects and digital creations. This data vocabulary describes the metadata terms used by the MorphoSource repository, but it is also intended to represent a general-purpose metadata vocabulary that can be used across a variety of research and data curation use cases where 3D and other object-representing media is used. We are publishing two related sets of terms, one of which describes basic record types and metadata properties for each record type, and a second which describes a collection of controlled vocabularies that are either necessary or useful when describing 3D media. The vocabularies are documented with intuitive human-readable web documentation and are also encoded in machine-readable RDF/OWL ontology files. We will publish some deeper looks at the vocabulary soon, but for now please check the documentation pages for each vocabulary:

If you have questions or comments about the data vocabulary, please feel free to join the community discussion around this topic in our GitHub Community Discussions.