MorphoSource Team at Reduced Capacity for US Holiday Weekend, Nov. 25-28

The MorphoSource team will be operating at reduced capacity over the upcoming US holiday weekend, from Thursday, November 25th through Sunday, November 28th.

Update: Daily Server Restart at 4AM US eastern time

For the foreseeable future, we will be running a schedule where the MorphoSource server will restart for very brief maintenance at 4AM US eastern time daily. This should not pose an issue to normal site usage. If you experience a download interruption related to this, remember that downloads can be resumed with no loss of progress due to interruption. If you are a data contributor uploading very large data files that take more than 24 continuous hours to upload, you could also consider taking advantage of our cloud upload features, where you can upload files directly from Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

New Feature: Resumable Downloads!

Downloads of media from MorphoSource are now resumable! If you experience a network interruption while downloading media, you can resume your download using most major browsers like Chrome (which we tend to recommend users use with MorphoSource). Additionally, you can use a third-party download manager to improve download stability even further.

New Feature: News and Updates Section on Front Page

In an effort to better communicate with our user community, we have added a feature to the MorphoSource front page where you will see a list of recent updates from the admin team. These may introduce new features to the repository, share important information relating to server downtime, or notify users of tutorial or educational resources.