Welcome to my NAE Grand Challenge Scholar online portfolio. Here you’ll find information about the various experiences I’ve had at Duke University that contribute to the GCS curriculum with a focus on restoring and improving urban infrastructure. Below is some basic info on my personal background.

Name: Monika Dharia
Hometown: Albertson, NY
Major: Civil & Environmental Engineering (Environmental Engineering & Water Resources Track)
Minors & Certificates: Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Economics
Class Year: 2019
Interests: Woodworking, Psychology, Team Sports (Basketball, Softball, Volleyball), Running, Travel
GCS Advisor: Mark Borsuk
GC Focus: Restore and Improve Urban Infrastructure
GC Thesis Topic: Protecting the Duke Forest– Developing an Assessment of Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Risks to Forest Resources and Management Priorities

Why I Want to be a Grand Challenge Scholar: I want to be a Grand Challenge Scholar because I want to integrate my experiences into an even more meaningful piece of work with a central goal: to improve urban infrastructure. Currently, I am working on two main projects – an eco-friendly poncho startup and a research study focused on mitigating the impacts of climate change and invasive species on the Duke Forest.  With the tools and experiences I will gain as a GCS, I hope to not only become a better innovator, but to also use my current and attained skills to help better our world.