January 11, 2021

Team SSRI,

Week 44.

So. Many. Feelings. I’ve been unable to focus and doing way too much ‘doomscrolling’ (Is that a word? It is now.) and trying to process everything that has happened in the past week.

Eighty-four NC counties are now considered “red zones,” with critical levels of viral spread. Another dozen counties are “orange zones” under the state’s three-tier alert system, with substantial spread. Wake and Durham counties are among those orange zones. Ack! Stay safe everyone.

Governor Roy Cooper has stated that the 10:00 p.m. statewide curfew would remain in place through January 29th as coronavirus continues to rage in North Carolina. I’d like to see more people wear their masks over their nose, please. Masks dangling from your ear or just over your mouth won’t work.

So today is National Clean Your Desk day. Who makes these days up you may ask? I haven’t a clue, but a good excuse to get the home office in shape!

Raise your hand if you are already planning some trips when things go back to “normal’. No need to feel pressure going international when there are so many amazing places so close! Check out this great round up of places to visit (and I love that Swansboro, NC is on the list;)


Newsy Stuff

As pandemic wears on, colleges and universities grapple with how to survive.

Shruti Desai named associate vice president of student affairs for campus life.

Vice President for Research Lawrence Carin will be leaving Duke at the end of February to become the Provost at KAUST, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

Duke faculty discuss domestic terrorism, Trump, disinformation and social media.

Two Duke Gardens educators show how you can make a family activity out of exploring different kinds of tree bark to help identify trees in the wintertime.

Duke researchers have been trying to reverse-engineer vintage saxophone sound, using X-ray imaging and 3D printing.

Seeking community and classic Duke experience, some first-years opt to move from West to East Campus in spring.

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