October 26, 2020

Team SSRI,

Week 33.

So we are on bag 3 of the Halloween candy we bought too early and said we wouldn’t open. How’s it going at your house?

In 2020 news, “irregardless” is now an official word. Whhhhhy?! I can’t…

November 3rd is so close! Have you voted? I love that voting is coming up in so many conversations:
“So did you vote early?”
“Have you voted?”
“Want to go with me and vote?”
“Did you watch the debate?”
“This was my first time ever going to the polls.”


This 14-year-old girl won a $25K prize for a discovery that could lead to a cure for Covid-19. Speaking of COVID, have you had the chance to fill out our confidential survey, Project Rouse?

Please mark your calendar for November 4th at 12:30 pm for our monthly SSRI Lunch-n-Learn. This month we will watch and discuss the film, Just Mercy.



Newsy Stuff

Despite potentially being one of the largest and most powerful voting blocs in the US electorate, the majority of young people don’t go to the polls. Why not? Sunshine Hillygus tell us the real reason young people don’t vote.

Employees who are new to Duke or have not yet started saving for retirement can learn about Duke’s two retirement plan options during monthly webinars.

Recreate and reinterpret one of our historical Duke photographs.

Halloween amid COVID-19: You can lower the risks of trick-or-treating, if you’re creative.

Adrienne Aiken Morgan recently spoke at a virtual Congressional Briefing on her NSF funded project: “Promoters of and Barriers to Successful Remote Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic among HBCU Students.”

Duke students will soon emerge more prepared to use data to create new knowledge in a host of disciplines thanks to the newly launched Center for Computational Thinking (CCT).

A team of Duke University researchers has developed a lab-grown living lung model that mimics the tiny air sacs of the lungs where coronavirus infection and serious lung damage take place.

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