October 19, 2020

Team SSRI,

Week 32.

Have you voted? Please don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference!

Please mark your calendar for November 4th at 12:30 pm for our monthly SSRI Lunch-n-Learn. This month we will watch and discuss the film, Just Mercy.

Have you seen that Barbie is confronting racism in viral video and shows how to be a White ally?

It turns out looking at photos of adorable animals is good for your mental health, so you may want to start looking at cute fur babies every hour of every day until 2020 is over.



Newsy Stuff

Have you filled out the Project ROUSE survey? Many SSRI team members spent the past few months working on this project and they’d love to see this group represented in the study. This is a research project focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting you, your work, and your well-being.

Noah Gift is working on his next big course: Cloud Computing for Data with Coursera

 The pandemic is changing the English language

Brian Southwell recently had a paper published: Roles for Health Care Professionals in Addressing Patient-Held Misinformation Beyond Fact Correction

Duke TIP to lay off 75 staff members, end Academic Talent Search permanently

Check out how this timeline traces the history of Duke as it transformed from Brown’s Schoolhouse to Duke University, and moved from Randolph county to Durham

New computer science course explores equity and inclusion in technology

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