November 2, 2020

Team SSRI,

Week 34.

This is a big week for everyone—voting! Tomorrow is the day to have your voice heard, so please make sure you get out there and vote!

Because emotions are high this week, we decided to postpone our Zoom chat scheduled on Wednesday. We will meet up the following Wednesday, November 11th, to discuss the film Just Mercy.

We’ve been hearing a lot about changes to address systemic racism on campus. If you are curious what efforts are being put in place, check out the Duke Anti-Racism site.

Lots going on this week but try and stay focused, take lots of mini breaks, and try reeeallllyy hard not check the news sites constantly for the latest scoop.



Newsy Stuff

You’ve probably received numerous reminders to take the Project ROUSE survey. We would like to have a diverse pool of faculty, staff, and students participate, so if you have a few minutes (well, ok, more like 20 minutes), please click on the link.

New Duke statistics professor knows how to do magic with numbers but did you know he spent more than a decade as an actual magician? What?!

Keep up with our Duke MIDS Alumni Spotlight: always exciting to see where our students have landed in their careers.

DISM Director Sunshine Hillygus talks about the upcoming election: “At the end of the day, usually 90 percent of Democrats vote for the Democratic candidate and 90 percent of Republicans vote for the Republican candidate, and yet the people who are kind of the muddled middle are still enough to make a difference.”

SSRI staff are teaching as part of the Duke Graduate Academy this winter:

Community-Engaged and Community-Partnered Research
Interpretive Research Methods: Issues, Applications, and Tools

I’ve been frustrated by the fact that you can’t add live captions to a Zoom meeting. But guess what? Now you can!

Bass Connections students pilot ways to improve voting access during this year’s unusual election. (This team was co-taught with SSRI staff)


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