December 7, 2020

Team SSRI,

Week 39.

I love learning life hacks for simple tasks but this one really got me. Who knew this and why haven’t you told me? This is how you close the cereal box?! Although I have to say, I have never gone to someone’s and seen these neat cereal boxes in the pantry, so I know I’m not the only one.

This year more than ever it’s imperative to make the holiday brighter for those in need, especially families with children who are struggling to provide presents amid the pandemic and devastating economic fallout. Thanks to the United States Postal Service’s “Operation Santa” letters to Santa program, anyone can help make a child’s Christmas a little brighter, and this year it’s easier than ever because it’s all digital.

*New letters arrive everyday so be sure to check their site more than once.

Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are volunteering to get their Covid-19 vaccines on camera to promote public confidence in the vaccine’s safety once the US Food and Drug Administration authorizes one.

With credible candidates for the coronavirus vaccine fast approaching federal approval, distribution in North Carolina will soon get underway. So when will it be your turn? A new online tool uses age, county of residence, profession and underlying health conditions to determine how many people are ahead of you to get the vaccine. (It looks like I’ll be waiting quite a while based on this tool)

We’ll be gearing up for our next SSRI Lunch-n-Learn after the holidays. If you have suggestions on topics, please reach out.



Newsy Stuff

At the request of the Provost, SSRI has created an e-newsletter, PHDigest, geared toward students in the social sciences. Sara Cross (Social worker turned Ph.D. candidate who seeks to improve hospice and palliative care and reduce disparities) was our student spotlight this month.

ProjectROUSE has released WAVE 2 of its survey. If you’d to participate, please check out the site to see all survey options.

Take a peek at Duke-authored books that explore historical and current aspects of faith, spirituality and religious culture in society.

When COVID hit last spring, many graduate students had to give up their summer plans for teaching, field research and internships. The Provost’s Office quickly pledged support and spearheaded the effort to identify virtual opportunities.

How to discover what you’re good at: Knowing your strengths can improve your work and life.

Zoom plans to implement a new security requirement that will require a passcode or waiting room. The changes are expected over the winter break.

(I vote for passcodes since I spend a lot of time waiting for people to approve me to join the meeting. Hello? Can someone let me in?)

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