December 21, 2020

Team SSRI,

Week 41.

The Doing Good in the Neighborhood campaign is in full swing, although they are taking a much different approach this year asking for donations. I know many of us have been talking about becoming more involved and making a difference in our community. This is a difficult task during a pandemic, but contributing to this campaign would be a great start! What if we each gave a small amount? I’m talking $10 each. It sounds small but once you add it up, our team could make a big impact.

Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked a blunt question during a forum hosted last week by the National Urban League: “Can you talk about the input of African American scientists in the vaccine process?” Fauci did not hesitate when giving his answer: Kizzmekia Corbet (a Hillsborough, NC native). Another bragging moment for NC!

I hope everyone has a great holiday and enjoys time with family (as safely as possible of course). ‘SNL’ just did a hilarious skit that has resonated with a lot of Moms (I too have been given the robe for Christmas). If you’re a fan of the show and its humor, take a few minutes to watch.



Newsy Stuff

Jim Moody and Dana Pasquale are working on a CDC-funded “Snowball Study” by using social network science for contact tracing and health disparities.

Last week marked a historic moment as Duke as healthcare workers began receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

With multiple COVID-19 vaccines on the way in the United States, public health officials now face the daunting challenge of convincing skeptics to actually get the vaccine.

Here are five things to know about the vaccine and what this means for Duke and for North Carolina.

Duke University has received a $1.5 million gift to expand and enhance behavioral health and wellness for Duke student-athletes.

840 students admitted out of 5,036 early decision applicants, the most ever at Duke.

President Price provided an update on spring semester.

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