Gianna (Gigi) Tutoni

Fifth Year Ph.D. Candidate (2019 - Present)

Gigi is working on stereocomplexed hydrogels and microfludics for the advancement of tissue regeneration and bioprinting. She has her B.S. in ACS-certified Chemistry from Tufts University (2019). She enjoys cooking, traveling, and rock climbing. Gigi also enjoys spending time with her polydactl cat, Toby.



Tutoni, G. and M. L. Becker (2020). Underexplored Stereocomplex Polymeric Scaffolds with Improved Thermal and Mechanical Properties. Macromolecules 53, 23: 10303-10314. 

Smith, B. N.; Meikle, H.; Doherty, J. L.; Lu, S.; Tutoni, G.; Becker, M. L.; Therien, M. J.; Franklin, A. D. (2022). Ionic dielectrics for fully printed carbon nanotube transistors: Impact of composition and induced stresses. Nanoscale14,  16845– 16856.