Calligraffiti and Letter Recognition

Through my passion for writing systems and ancient scripts I created a body of prints focusing on semi-readable, abstracted symbolic and undecipherable letter forms that reveal a matrix of patterns, words and hidden messages.  In my Letter Recognition series, individual  letterforms were singled out and accentuated, further highlighting their specific forms and strokes.  Each letter is playfully turned into its own composition, while emphasizing it pure form rather than being placed into a contextual format.

Calligraffiti Triptych, Woodcut, 25" x 39", 2007

Calligraffiti Triptych, Woodcut, 25″ x 39″, 2007


Calligraffiti #4, Woodcut, 22" x 28" (image size), 2007

Calligraffiti #4, Woodcut, 22″ x 28″ (image size), 2007


Letter Recognition, 40 woodblocks, 30.25" x 42.5", 2007

Letter Recognition, 40 woodblocks, 30.25″ x 42.5″, 2007