November 27, 2013


Mirewhaaat? Mirecourt! Located just off of main quad in Craven E, our co-ed selective living group has helped shape the Duke experience since way back in the ’60s, and it hasn’t gone to our heads.  Ever wonder who created K-Ville?  We’re not about name-dropping, but, yeah, that was us. How can we describe who we are? Basically, we’re one of the most closely knit communities on campus, and from parties to organizing events and going on trips, we’re all about having fun.   Are you wondering if you would fit in or if you would even like us?  Well there’s no stereotypical Mirecretian–we run the gamut from athletes to zoologists.  Check out this website for more information or peep our Twitter, but more importantly: get over to section and meet us!

Looking for info about Rush/Recruitment? Check out our page and join our Facebook group!

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