Growth Mindset in Bangladesh

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Summer 2017

The Summer was very active for us here in Bangladesh. On May, Matheus joined Tom in Dhaka and helped him:

a) Develop the Growth mindset curriculum;  and

b) Observe/Monitor baseline data collection.

During the three weeks Matheus was there, he lived in Banani, sharing an apartment with two other researchers from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO – UN). The Duke Sophomore visited the school sites and observed part of the initial data collection.

Matheus also got to experience Bangladesh during Ramadan and eat the infamous iftar food. He visited many touristic sites at the city, and faced the enormous challenge of getting by without speaking a word of Bangla.

In the weekends, the IPA team travelled to rural Bangladesh and visited the village in which the grandmother of one of the researchers lived.

What has been done up to Summer 2017?

  1. Since February, Tom and the IPA team in Bangladesh have been administering monthly math exams at the students in Dhaka.
  2.  On May, the team applied a baseline survey to the students. We successfully measured their own beliefs about intelligence, ability, effort, and value of schooling. In addition, we identified the social networks between students, their time use and Social Economic Status (SES).