Sponsors and Affiliated Programs

This project began with the work of a small team as part of the broader Duke Data+ 2019 summer program. The team spent ten weeks of the summer completing the work presented throughout this website in addition to further archival research, data analytics, coding, and theoretical work. The overarching aim of Data+ is to provide students of various backgrounds and experience levels the opportunity to confront and engage with challenging and interesting topics through both analytic and computational lenses. The entire team is thankful for the support and opportunity provided by the Data+ program for this sustained engagement with the unique combination of data science and the humanities that constitutes the “Remembering the Middle Passage” project.

The Representing Migration Humanities Lab studies the long history of human movement from the advent of modernity through our contemporary moment. This collaborative research lab incorporates a tremendous breadth of disciplines and methodological tools in order to better understand various acts and representations of migration. The “Remembering the Middle Passage” team is grateful to have the Representing Migration Humanities Lab as a sponsor.

Duke Bass Connections is a large, interdisciplinary group that sponsors a variety of interdisciplinary research projects addressing complex issues. Through Bass Connections, a team of students will be continuing on and building off of the work found across this site during the 2019–2020 academic year. One of the core aims of this website  is to encourage and facilitate further engagement with and exploration of the various topics connected to this project and we are excited that such work will begin soon.