Welcome to the online home of “Remembering the Middle Passage,” a research project sponsored by Duke University’s Data+ Program, Duke Bass Connections, and Duke Humanities Unbounded.

This project focuses on the trans-Atlantic slave trade from the late 16th century to the mid 19th century. Specifically, combining both data analysis and archival research, this project aims to research the mortality of the enslaved Africans who were forcibly transported across the Atlantic Ocean, in order to obtain a greater understanding of the fate of the almost two million captives who died before the tens of thousands of slave voyages reached their destination.

J.M.W. Turner, Slave Ship, 1840, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (public domain)

On this website, you will find the background and description of our project, our research methodology, and our resulting data visualizations and analysis. Moreover, we urge you to look into the “Ethical Challenges” page for a reflection on some ethical challenges we have faced, as well as some ethical considerations we hope you will keep in mind when as you explore our project.

While the “Project Description” provides an explanation of our objectives, be sure to check out our Final Poster presented at the 2019 Data+ Poster Session, which offers a succinct overview of the project with attendant visualizations. This poster represents the culmination of ten weeks of collaborative work and research; the entire “Remembering the Middle Passage” team extends its gratitude to the many people who have contributed to this effort.