Microbiome and Microbial Genomic Services

Microbial genomic analysis services are available to Duke University investigators through the Duke Microbiome Center (DMC) and the Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology (GCB).  We provide services and expertise in a range of microbial genomic applications such as analysis of individual microbial species using genomic DNA and RNA sequencing, and analysis of microbial communities using rDNA, metagenomic, and metatranscriptomic sequencing.  For more information or initial consultation on project design, development, and budgeting, please contact us at microbiomeseq@duke.edu.

Briefly, microbial genomics projects that utilize established methods and tools are facilitated by the GCB Genomic Analysis and Bioinformatics Shared Resource in collaboration with the DMC Bioinformatics Group.  These projects are administered through the GCB Shared Resource with services provided by DMC and GCB staff.  In contrast, microbial genomics projects that require a higher level of analysis or the development of custom methods and tools are facilitated directly by the DMC Bioinformatics Group in collaboration with the investigator.  Please contact us at microbiomeseq@duke.edu to further inquire about these different services.