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Graduate Communications & Intercultural Programs news for new students


My name is Bridget Fletcher. I am the director of Graduate Communications and Intercultural Programs (GCIP). Let me start by saying, WELCOME TO DUKE!!!! We are so excited to welcome you to the Duke family and to engage with you this fall.

I’d like to share some information with you about three important topics.

GCIP vs. EIS (English for International Students)

As a Pratt student, your communication support services (including English courses) will be provided through GCIP. This can sometimes be confusing because the Graduate School also has an English program (EIS) which serves the other graduate students at Duke. Your classes and other language support services through GCIP are specifically for Pratt graduate students and have been designed with your unique needs in mind. You are not eligible for EIS services and should not take part in their testing or services. Please email me directly (bridget.fletcher@duke.edu) or gcc-pratt@duke.edu if you have any questions about your communications support services and options.

English Placement Exams

Due to the challenges we are all facing as a result of COVID 19 and the remote nature of our teaching and learning community, we will be delaying our English placement exams until spring 2021. You will be contacted during the fall semester if you are required to take English placement exams and will be given further information about testing and English courses at that time. For now, please do not worry about English placement exams. Instead, concentrate on getting acclimated and adjusted to this new learning environment we all find ourselves in! In fact, we want to help you with that….

Community Cohort Initiative

We will be launching an awesome new program this fall, the Community Cohort Initiative. This will be a class for incoming master’s students that will provide you with an opportunity for weekly connections with peers, tips for adjusting to graduate school, a head start on your career search plan, communications training, and much, much more! You will learn more about this course at orientation, so stay tuned. We hope you are as excited as we are about this!

Additionally, please know that GCIP is always here to support you in multiple ways! Please visit our website https://pratt.duke.edu/gcip to learn more and stay tuned for more details from us during orientation. You can also visit our CHILL video series for some hot tips to help you prepare for your time at Duke!

  • Go to: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/chillf2020·
  • If prompted, log in with Duke credentials (NetID and password)
  • You will see a window that asks “Would you like to join and become a member of this site?”, click “YES, ADD ME”
  • You can now interact with the CHILL video content collection. Videos with interactive

We look forward to working with you soon!

Bridget + the GCIP team

Bridget Fletcher, MA
Director, Graduate Communications and Intercultural Programs
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University

Fall 2020 Course Registration

Hello MEMers,

Fall 2020 bookbags are now open! You can log in to your DukeHub account to view the Fall schedule of classes and place classes in your bookbag. Not sure what to bookbag? View degree requirements on MEM’s student resources website. Don’t forget to validate any class schedules you put together to check for pre-requisites, time scheduling conflicts, and required permission numbers. Also remember to look at the details of a class section to see if it will be delivered in-person, online only, or in a hybrid format. Here is a guide to help understand what the different instruction modes mean and where you can find them when looking at a class. Details of a class may be listed in the Class Notes section. For help locating the Class Notes, here is a guide.

Registration begins on Monday August 3rd at 7:00 AM (EDT). Tutorials on how to register are available here. If you are interested in taking courses that are not EGRMGMT courses, please refer to the approved/unapproved technical electives list to see if the course you are interested in will count as a MEM technical elective. Also, please note, you must get permission from the course instructor if you wish to take a course that is not an EGRMGMT course.

We are also rolling out a new platform (called Stellic) for you to easily organize your upcoming Fall 2020 semester and keep track of your degree progress. Stellic will allow you to

  • Plan course selections that fit your Fall 2020 schedule – Discover conflict-free sections for the courses you are planning to take next semester. You can select a time slot in the weekly view and we’ll show you courses that are still needed for your plan available for that time slot.
  • Plan your degree interactively – Drag, drop, and add courses between semesters while keeping track of pre-requisites, constraints, and typical course offerings.
  • Track your progress towards degree completion – See completed, in-progress, and remaining requirements for your degree.

Stellic can be accessed through duke.stellic.com using your Duke NetID and password. Check out the QuickStart Guide for help on getting started. The Stellic platform is new to Duke, so if you discover any issues on the platform or if you have any questions, please contact Kelsey Liddle at kelsey.liddle@duke.edu. Please note that you cannot register for classes through Stellic. You will still need to place classes in your bookbag and register through your DukeHub account.

Thank you,


Kelsey Liddle

Student Records Coordinator

Master’s Programs

Pratt School of Engineering



Fall 2020 Incoming Student Email #7

Dear Incoming MEM students,

We are very excited for the start of your program in August! Below are some reminders that will help you have a smooth transition to Duke. Please note the important deadlines listed for each.

    1. Net ID and Email – immediately!
    2. Immunizations – immediately!
    3. Duke Student ID Card – upload photo by July 24
    4. Preferred Name – update by July 24
    5. Transcript Reminder – send by August 10
  1. Net ID and Email – begin using immediately!

All Engineering Master’s students should have received instructions to set up your NetID and email. Please do this immediately so you can begin accessing the resources you need while you are studying at Duke. All official email from Duke will be sent to your Duke issued email address so this is essential.

  1. Immunizations – submit form immediately!

North Carolina State Law requires that all students entering college present a certificate of immunization that documents that the student has received all immunizations required by law. While your state or country of origin may have different immunization requirements, you must comply with North Carolina laws and Duke requirements. Any student who arrives on campus will be required to complete the immunization process by the 30th day of class. This requirements is not necessary for students who will be studying remotely.

  1. Duke Student ID Card – upload photo by July 24

Your Duke Student ID is one of the most important cards you will carry while you are studying at Duke. This card is a photo ID, with your name and unique ID number on it. With your card, you can access academic buildings, recreational facilities, library books, parking lots, campus events, and campus photocopying. If you plan to enroll in on campus classes in the fall, you will need a DukeID. Graduate Student Programs and Services (GSPS) will order your Duke ID Card and have it available for campus students to pick up during the first week of classes. You must first upload your photo by going to this link: https://dukecard.duke.edu/get-your-dukecard/submit-your-dukecard-photo.

  1. Preferred Name – update by July 24

The name that will be on the class lists that professors use to address their students is the preferred name. Please go to DukeHub, then click on the tab that says “Profile.” On that page, go to the edit button next to “Name” and from there you can update your “Preferred Name.”

  1. Official transcripts – send by August 10

All incoming Engineering Master’s Program students must submit official transcripts to enroll at Duke. MEng and MEM students, click here. 

Please complete all of these important tasks mentioned in this email by the noted deadlines. If you have questions, feel free to email pratt-masters-steudentservices@duke.edu.

You will be hearing from us with the complete orientation schedule the week of July 27!


Bridget Kerwin


Pratt Master’s Student Services

Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University


I House – Fall 2020 Orientation

From: Ling Jin
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2020 11:50 AM
Subject: 2020 International Graduate and Professional Students Orientation

Dear incoming graduate and professional students,

Welcome to Duke!

My name is Ling Jin and I am the Student Development Coordinator at the International House. I am glad to announce that the 2020 International Graduate and Professional Students Orientation schedule is now available on our website.

As part of the Duke’s efforts to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being as we plan for the Fall semester, the orientation will be held virtually from Monday, August 3 to Friday, August 7. We believe that a virtual orientation will allow more accessibility and flexibility for all international students.

Whether you will be taking classes at Duke or online in your home country during Fall 2020, you will learn about helpful information and resources at the orientation. There will be three components to the orientation:

  1. Live Webinar Sessions: Every morning from 9:30 to 11:00 AM (Durham/Eastern Time), we will have two live webinar sessions on campus resources and the different aspects of campus life. There will also be Q&As at the end of each session.
  2. Pre-recorded Sessions: Every day, we will publish several pre-recorded videos on academic life, professional development, campus life and campus resources (such as health care, insurance, safety, etc.).
  3. Virtual Networking Hour with IHOPs: Every day, we will offer 1-2 virtual networking session(s) for students to chat with your International House Orientation Peers (IHOPs) and meet other incoming international students in an informal and casual setting.

You MUST register to attend the Live Webinars and the Virtual Networking Hours. For more detailed information about the orientation and to access the registration links, please visit our website and this document.

Please note that we will use Zoom for all the live webinar sessions and virtual networking hours. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the online meeting tool Zoom in advance and activate your Duke NetID and access Zoom with it.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the orientation. For more information on Duke’s plan to returning to campus in Fall 2020, please visit https://returnto.duke.edu.

I look forward to seeing you at the orientation!



​Ling Jin  金玲 she/her/hers

Student Development Coordinator

Want to Chat? Make an Appointment with Me Here!

International House, Duke University

2 Epworth Dorm Lane, East Campus

ling.jin@duke.edu | 919.613.0509

Fall Semester Updates (International Students)

This message is intended for International Students within the Pratt School of Engineering:

Dear International Students,

We hope you are doing well. We are doing our best to keep you informed about Duke’s guidance regarding ICE’s July 6th policies for the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. We are writing today to share a few updates.

For the latest and best information about Duke’s approach, please refer to this website: https://keeplearning.duke.edu/international-students/.

The FAQ section of this website addresses two critical questions that have been generating some questions among our students:

  • What if Duke must move to an online-only model during the semester? Will international students have to leave the U.S. immediately?

Unless the student withdraws from a course, s/he is considered as enrolled in the course for the entirety of the semester. Thus, if a student enrolled in a hybrid course at the start of the semester and stays enrolled, the hybrid classification will remain.

  • What if an international student has health concerns and cannot attend class? What should they do?

We ask that you report your illness to your academic advisor and Duke Visa Services so your concerns can be addressed and information provided so your SEVIS file will remain active.

According to this guidance, students will not be asked to leave the US if Duke has to move to an online-only model during the Fall Semester, as it did in the Spring Semester. Further, students with health concerns have a process for keeping their SEVIS file active. We are very pleased with this guidance and hope that these responses may relieve concerns you may have about the possibility of being sent home mid-semester.

We also want to make you aware that Duke plans to join a legal challenge to the recent policy by submitting an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit against these regulations. More information about this is available here.


Deb Wojcik, PhD

Managing Director, Graduate Student Programs and Services


Pratt Master’s Student Services

Pratt School of Engineering, Duke University


Returning Student Update (July 2020)

Dear MEM Students,

I hope you are doing well this summer. Our MEM team has been working hard all summer in preparation for the fall semester and we wanted to provide you with an update for the MEM program.

First, please make sure to read Duke’s official updates for students https://coronavirus.duke.edu/updates/for-students/ As President Price has mentioned, Fall 2020 will not look like Fall 2019 and so we wanted to talk about some of the changes. It is also important to know that Duke and MEM plans will continue to evolve; we are practicing our flexibility in planning and we ask for your flexibly too as the plan may change once (or twice) more as we get closer to August 17.

Academic Programming

  • Fall 2020 semester is Aug 17 – Nov 24, 2020 https://registrar.duke.edu/2020-2021-academic-calendar
  • All student course registrations have been deleted. The new bookbagging will begin July 27 and registration will begin Aug 3.
  • Fall 2020 courses will be offered online or a combination of in-person and online.  Here is our current best guess on the delivery method for our classes:
    • Online classes
      • EGRMGMT          510 MARKETING
      • EGRMGMT          540 MGMT OF HIGH TECH *this course was left off the original email in error
    • In-person and online classes
      • EGRMGMT          580 DECISION MODELS
  • Based on the recent SEVP modifications https://www.ice.gov/news/releases/sevp-modifies-temporary-exemptions-nonimmigrant-students-taking-online-courses-during, international students on an F-1 visa, must take at least 1 class in-person and if a course is offered in-person, it  must be taken in person.
  • Fuqua courses – Fuqua’s academic calendar now differs substantially from ours. Currently, we do not have information on the registration timeline or process. Once we have the details, we will share this information with you.

Academic Questions

  • MEM is both excited and sad to announce that Tracie Foust has taken a promotion to the Duke Divinity School! While it is a tremendous opportunity for Tracie, we were very sad to see her leave, as I’m sure many of you will feel the same. We are currently interviewing for a new academic coordinator but in the meantime:
    • General Academic Questions – Myself or Carolyn Gilbert
    • Specific Plan of Study Questions – Your Faculty Advisor
    • Registration related (course waiver / drops / permission #s) – Kelsey Liddle
    • CPT or OPT related – Kelsey Liddle
    • TA Questions – Shundrell Spann

Support Resources

  • We have a new MEM Student Resources site (https://sites.duke.edu/mgmt/ log in with your NetID) for all your MEM needs. Please bookmark this page and check back for announcements, resources, etc. This is replacing the MEMP Student Resources Sakai site.
  • Career Services will continue virtually via MS Teams for MEM specific needs, career fairs & tech connect will also be virtual. They are also creating ‘Virtual Career Treks’ which will allow students to “visit” employers virtually. If you have not connect with career services on MS Teams, please reach out to Jenny Johnson to receive the log-in details and passcode to the group.
  • PDC Clubs will still be active! Rishab Venkataraman has some fantastic new ideas for the semester and we’re excited to see PDC launch into the virtual space. Stay connected to PDC news & events via the MEM Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/DukeMEMstudents202021)
  • Carolyn in Student Services will continue to offer various engagement events throughout the semester – virtual yoga classes, paint events, lunches with faculty, etc. Anything that can be done safely – if you have an idea for programming, feel free to reach her directly!

Duke Campus Life

  • It’s no surprise that campus life will look very different. Pratt has done a great job of securely and safely opened campus labs and we will continue to work with building operation to do so when classes begin.
  • Expected rules for each person on-campus: daily symptom monitoring, face masks (3 reusable Duke Blue masks will be provided to you), proper hand washing, physical distancing, and staying in the Durham, NC area for the duration of fall semester.
  • If you become COVID-19 symptomatic or at risk due to contact tracing, you will be required to self-isolate.
  • Duke is in the process of writing a ‘Duke Compact’. Similar to a community standard, a mutual commitment to keep ALL members of the community safe.
  • MEM is in the process of developing rules and guidelines around the MEM Student & Office suite. Our goal is to maintain as much resemblance to “normal” as necessary but also 100% committed to keeping students, staff, and faculty safe and healthy. We will likely close the MEM Student Suite to limit the spread of droplets and aerosols. Our staff members will likely continue working from home most days with a limited, rotating on-campus schedule. Staff and faculty will always be available via virtual platforms.

Misc. Updates

  • While this summer is very different in many ways, we are still working hard on creating an exciting and engaging orientation for our Fall 2020 incoming cohort. These students will be virtually on-boarded the week of Aug 10 and then joining in your classes. Given the physical distancing, we ask that you welcome the new students into the MEM community as you would if we were all together in Schiciano! Say hello on facebook, create inclusive teams in your courses, and help answer those new student questions when they ask. It wasn’t long ago that you were the new student.
  • New bootcamp for Python – Led by Prof. Morales this 6 week course beginning Aug 10 consists of 23 asynchronous lecture sessions (4 per week) plus 6 synchronous 30 min sessions (one per week Thursdays 8 pm EST).  It is designed to build proficiency in Python for use in Data Science. During the bootcamp, the workload is expected to be ~ 12 hours per week. This bootcamp will be:
    • Recommended for EGRMGMT 590 MARKETING ANALYTICS & RESEARCH and students interested in data analytics

Thank you for reading the entirety of this email. We are hopeful that we will have a fulfilling and exciting semester ahead. I wish you all the best as you continue your summer internships or other work in the remaining weeks.

Incoming Student Updates (July 2020)

This is a long but important email that contains important information about your Duke master’s program. Please read it in its entirety. Thank you!

Dear MEM Students,

We hope this finds you healthy and well. We at Duke Engineering are preparing diligently for you to begin your master’s degree program, and we are incredibly excited to welcome you to the Duke Engineering family in August!

This is truly an unprecedented time, and many of you are facing challenges and uncertainties, whether because of your individual visa situation, potential travel restrictions, health concerns, or otherwise. We want you to know that we here at Duke Engineering are doing everything we can to make your experience at Duke as safe, academically fulfilling, and enjoyable as possible.

On June 30, Duke President Vincent Price sent a message to all Duke students with important information about fall plans. If you have not yet read the latest message in its entirety, please do so now—you can find this and previous updates on Duke’s coronavirus response website

Adding to that information, we are writing to provide more details on what you can expect as you transition to campus as a Duke Engineering master’s student.

Academic Calendar and Registration 

The Duke Engineering Master’s Program will follow the Duke Undergraduate Calendar. Classes will begin on August 17, and final exams will conclude before Thanksgiving (Tuesday, November 24). There will be no fall break.

The Duke Registrar is currently in the process of creating a new class schedule that incorporates considerations of physical distancing, health standards, and remote learning. As President Price noted, courses will be offered in multiple formats, and Duke Engineering is ensuring that we have a range and wealth of learning opportunities available to our students, whether you are able to join us on campus or will be engaging in classes remotely.

The full class schedule will be available on July 27, at which time you will be able to select and “bookbag” your courses. Class registration will take place August 3-12, in advance of classes beginning August 17. 

MEM Innovations and Flexible Class Options  

Duke Engineering has been working diligently to ensure that all students, whether remote or on campus, have the opportunity to engage in a world-class educational experience that prepares you to achieve your career aspirations. We have taken on this challenge as an opportunity to innovate, investing in new technology and training to be able to deliver course content in multiple ways to meet the varied needs of our global student population.

We in the MEM Program are uniquely positioned to provide excellent learning opportunities in these unique times, having delivered online education for over 10 years. Our faculty are skilled at being able to teach both in person and with remote learners. 

We are planning to offer our full array of class offerings, including 19 unique EGRMGMT course offerings for Fall 2020. All courses will be available online if that is your preferred delivery method. This number is consistent with what we have historically offered.

·                9 courses will be online only

The delivery approach in these courses will vary by faculty member; they will often include pre-  recorded content with synchronous class discussions on Zoom. 

·                10 courses will be offered both in-person and online

This delivery approach permits both synchronous and asynchronous (lecture capture) learning supplemented with discussion boards and/or discussion sections.  

Summer Career-Building Opportunities  

In addition to our comprehensive course offerings, we are excited to share that Duke Engineering’s Summer Industry Projects Program (SIPP), which was initiated in Summer 2020, will be available to MEM students again in Summer 2021. This program allows students to engage in a meaningful industry-defined project while fulfilling their MEM internship requirement (if applicable) and gaining valuable career-building experience. Some of these projects are paid. This is a good alternative if an international student is not eligible for CPT or if internships are difficult to secure in Summer 2021.   

Career Services and Professional Development Support 

We know that the ability to pursue exciting career options is a big part of your decision to come to Duke Engineering, and we will continue to do everything we can to support your career goals.

The Career Services and Professional Development (CSPD) team will continue providing a full range of student coaching and support services, all of which will be available virtually in Fall 2020. These offerings include our regular career coaching appointments; events with industry employers including TechConnect and the Duke Career Fair, among others; and new opportunities to engage in Virtual Career Treks, which will allow students to “visit” employers virtually and learn about exciting companies and roles.  

New Cohort-Based Course and Communications Support 

Responding to the needs of our diverse global student population, we have created a new cohort-based course designed to meet the needs of all incoming master’s students. This class is designed to build community within your department or program, provide connections to resources and support, and provide English language support to students who may need it. This class will be led by our Graduate Communications and Intercultural Programs (GCIP) team, with active engagement from our Student Engagement and Support and Career Services and Professional Development teams. We are excited about bringing this innovative experience to our students, and in partnership with your home department, we strongly encourage you to actively participate and benefit from this unique opportunity. 

In addition to the cohort meetings, GCIP will also continue to offer its full suite of communications supports in a virtual environment, including individual appointments, workshops, and weekly informal SnackChat conversations with fellow students and staff. 

Technology Support 

If you will be engaging in classes as a remote learner this fall, Duke University Learning Innovation offers a wealth of resources to help you be as effective as possible at keeplearning.duke.edu. Duke Engineering also has a dedicated Director of Online and Distance Education, who is working with our Pratt Information Technology team on engineering-specific resources and support for remote learning.

Community Health and Safety

Your health, wellness, and safety are of utmost importance to us. We need to all work together to do what is necessary to keep our community strong and healthy.

As noted in President Price’s June 30 message, “All members of the Duke community who come to campus—faculty, students, staff, and visitors—will be required to complete daily symptom monitoring, wear face coverings in classroom and public settings, and practice physical distancing.” COVID-19 follow-up, including testing, will be required for any members of the Duke community who are symptomatic or deemed at risk due to contact tracing. 

In addition, all students living in the Durham area are expected to stay in the Durham area throughout the fall semester until finals conclude in late November, in accordance with current public health recommendations.

All students will also be required to complete and abide by the Duke Compact, “a statement of mutual commitment to community health and behavioral standards that every student, faculty, and staff member will be required to agree to before the start of the semester.” Our community at Duke is strong and resilient, and this will allow us to come back together safely. Updates and more information will be available throughout the summer at returnto.duke.edu.

For those of you joining us for courses on campus, Duke Parking and Transportation is working to ensure students have a range of options for transportation to, from and around campus to accommodate the range of class and lab schedules that will be followed. 

Preparing for Your Arrival

We know that many of you are facing unknowns and challenges associated with securing your visa. Please find the latest information and updates from Duke Visa Services at visaservices.duke.edu.

Orientation programming for incoming students will begin in early August, with Pratt School of Engineering-specific programming taking place the week of August 10.

In addition to the Orientation itself, you have been and will continue to receive valuable information through our weekly onboarding emails. Please watch your Duke inbox for new messages each Monday morning, and be sure to view all of the short videos and review any additional materials as these messages arrive. We’re doing everything we can to help you transition to Duke Engineering successfully, and these ongoing messages are an important step!

Again, we are incredibly excited to have you join the Duke Engineering community, and we are here to support you! If you have any questions, please reach out to pratt-masters-studentservices@duke.edu 


Go Duke! 

Brad Fox, PhD
Executive Director of the Master of Engineering Management Program 
Associate Dean of Master’s Programs
Duke University Pratt School of Engineering  


Deb Wojcik, PhD
Managing Director of Graduate Student Programs and Services
Duke University Pratt School of Engineering