Leave of Absence and Readmission

The MEM Program is designed to accommodate both part-time and full-time students. It is generally expected that continuous enrollment will be the norm for MEMP students regardless of their status as part-time or full-time. That is, for full-time students continuous enrollment of three or more courses per semester and for part-time students continuous enrollment of one or more courses per semester is generally expected. It is understood that circumstances and personal situations may sometimes require that students interrupt their education for some period of time.

Leave of Absence Form

Personal Leave of Absence

A personal leave of absence allows you to interrupt your studies for one or two years.  Reasons for a personal leave might include a desire to participate in a non-academic program, work and earn money, engage in professional development opportunities (e.g, completing licensure), attend to a family crisis, or gain a sense of direction.  You may request a personal leave of absence from your academic dean once you have completed your first semester at Duke and are a student in good standing.  A personal leave normally begins after one semester ends and before the next semester begins.  However, in the case of exceptional circumstances beyond your control, a personal leave of absence may also be granted while a semester is in progress.  You should discuss your situation with the Dean.

Medical Leave of Absence

A Medical Leave of Absence should be considered if, due to personal or health problems, continuing in their courses is impossible.  A letter from your medical provider may be required to grant a Medical Leave of Absence.  The deadline for a Medical Leave of Absence is the last day of classes in a semester and is not granted once classes have ended and final exams have begun.

Returning From a Leave of Absence

After a leave of absence, students must submit the Application for Readmission. A completed application must be accompanied by supporting documents, according to the type of leave of absence from which a student is returning.  Additional details can be found on the second page of the Application for Readmission.

Readmission Application

Medical Treatment Provider Form


Except in unusual circumstances, a leave of absence of one or two years will be granted. A leave of absence greater than two years is generally not allowed. That is, a student would need to begin the MEM Program again if a leave of absence of greater than two years has occurred. The directors of the MEM Program may make exceptions to this general rule.