Auditing Courses

Audit Policy

Audits are permitted on a space-available basis with the consent of the instructor and the MEMP director (see Audit Permission Form below). Audited courses will appear on your transcript and you will receive a grade of AD (indicating successful completion) that will not count towards your GPA. Failure to obtain the instructor’s permission will result in the denial of your audit request.  Permission to Audit Forms must be completed and turned in two days before the end of the Drop/Add Period to allow for processing time.

It is important that you understand an instructor’s expectations for students auditing their class.  Some instructors may require you to participate in class and complete assignments, readings, etc.; however, other instructors may require less of auditing students.  In either case, students must meet an instructor’s expectations to successfully complete the audit, as it is possible to fail.


Fee Structure for Auditing Courses

The fee for auditing courses depends on whether you’re paying-by-semester or paying-by-credit each semester.  Please see below for an explanation of fees:
Campus Students
Pay-by-Semester: No charge
Pay-by-Credit: $535 per audited course*

Distance Students

Pay-by-Semester: No charge
Pay-by-Credit: $535 per audited course*

Non-Degree Seeking Candidates
Non-degree seeking candidates may not audit or sit in on courses (policy of the Graduate School).

* Audit fees are based on tuition for the current academic year and may be subject to change.

Audit Permission Form