MEM Student Clubs

MEM student clubs serve as a platform for students to express and explore their personal and professional interests, develop leadership and teamwork skills, and strengthen the community throughout the student body. 

All MEM students are eligible for membership in any MEM club. If you don’t see an organization below or on the Engineering Master’s Student Clubs site that represents your interests, please reach out to Rachel Mwombela, Assistant Director of Student Services, to discuss your new club proposal.

Consulting Club

The MEM Consulting Club is a team of students interested in the consulting field whose goal is to help the students get better insights into this industry. We aim to assist our peers in nurturing their skill set in accordance with the consulting field so that one can make informed decisions about pursuing a consulting career and prepare accordingly. 

Creative Communications Club

The mission of the Creative Communications Club is to help each of you recognize and celebrate your personal brands. Along with this, our vision also includes building MEM’s brand, by focusing on its online visibility through social-media engagement and maintaining an updated website presence. With the unique expertise that the cabinet members bring, we have also been able to uniquely craft upskilling workshops on Negotiation and Elevator Pitches.

Data Club

The Data Club looks to foster a community of future leaders in data field. As everyone says, “data is the new oil.” It is impossible not to deal with Big Data in your career. The goal of the club is to prepare the MEM students to be successful in careers that need different levels of data skills. We will be hosting workshops and speaker sessions to develop key data and analytical skills this spring. We also look to provide students with hands-on experience through startup projects that prepare them for data roles in the future.

  • President: Ruchika Nayak

Diversity & Culture Club

Diversity and Culture Club aims to build a strong diversified environment within the MEM program. Preparing to embrace a world of different cultures, identities, genders, and opinions, our flagship events include country fairs, language corners, and traditional festivals.

  • President: Ayomide Lamuren


The Innovation, Design & Entrepreneurship Applications (IDEA) club aims to encourage and support MEM students to appreciate user-centric design, innovation and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. At the IDEA Club, we believe and act like innovation, design and entrepreneurship is an inside-out process. It is more important to build a character ethic as opposed to personality ethic. We do this by creating a community through social events, hackathons and speaker sessions.

  • President: Megha Ben

Product Management Club

The Product Management looks to foster a community of future product leaders. The goal of the club is to introduce incoming students to the world of product management and all its nuances.  While also providing returning students with guidance and recommendations on how to navigate recruiting season. We also look to provide students with hands-on experience through industry projects that prepare them for PM roles in the future.

Sustainability Club

The mission of the Energy Club is to expose students to today’s challenges related to energy and to begin thinking of how to make the world more sustainable.

We collaborate with companies in the renewable energy space through pro-bono consulting projects. Seminar and energy lunches are held throughout the semester where professionals talk about their projects and experiences in the industry.

  • President: Meghna Nair