Matt Barbarino

Premiere April 8 at 6pm
Full Frame Theater

I grew up in a small small town and former manufacturing hub in the Northeast. I discovered heroin when I was a teenager along with most of my friends. My work is an attempt to come to grips with what happened.

Now a social phenomenon of epic proportions, the opioid epidemic continues to weak havoc across the nation and continues to baffle those seeking to understand what is happening. While many use documentary as a way to try to capture the experience of people from other parts of the world, in Graceland I’ve attempted to speak to the phenomenon as it unfolded in my own community and in the lives of those around me.



Matt Barbarino is a filmmaker and photographer from Binghamton New York, an area heavily affected by the opioid epidemic. His work is based on his own personal history and experience growing up in that area.