On View:  March 26 – April 15
Power Plant Gallery

Artist Event:  March 27, 3:00pm

Multimedia Installation (Architecture, Collage, Sculpture, 16mm Film, Audio)


Breaking the Rules: A Minor Spatial Inconvenience doubles as an architectural maze and an immersive mixed-media installation (audio, collage, sculpture, 16mm film). By recreating seclusion and restraint using architecture, it expresses a personal issue of the artist and speaks to an undiscussed social issue: is seclusion the solution or is there a solution to seclusion, amongst our nation’s schools?

Through immersing the audience via sculpture, collage, 16mm film, and audio, the artist hopes to impart education around the lack of existing policy, but also foster empathy regarding the application, and motivate federal and/or state governments to implement policies regarding seclusion and restraint. In relations with the Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint (AASR), Breaking the Rules seeks to advocate for the civil rights of students with learning disabilities and begs for a revision to the artist’s story. LF

Lily Frame also presents an Artist Talk for the Alliance Against
Seclusion and Restraint, Thursday March 24 at 3:30pm.
More information here.