Professional biographies

Wanrong Xie

Hi, everyone!

I am Wanrong Xie, a second-year graduate student in the Thomas Lord Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Department at Duke University. My current research focuses on using conductive polymers for dynamic metasurfaces. Recently I have been working toward synthesizing a type of conductive polymer and exploring the connection between its conductivity and optical properties. I previously earned my Bachelor of Engineering in Functional Materials at Beijing University of Chemical Technology, where I started to have academic research interests in the synthesis, modification, characterization, and application of polymers. Please feel free to contact me through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Email:

I am a member of PerCOMFORT project team in this Capstone Course: EXPERIMENT DESIGN AND RESEARCH METHODS (ME 555) which is instructed by Prof. George Delagrammatikas. Please click the links to view the personal website page of my team members Yanxi Peng and Zhiteng Ma.

Project Abstract

In this capstone course, we demonstrate an electronics system equipped with electrochemically tunable materials that can automatically adjust the potential of power supply and control the emissivity of materials once it monitors the temperature difference and humidity difference between human body and ambience. The final generation of this multi-functional device has the same small size as a mouse. Please Clink Here to see how we make it possible!