Self Description:

I am Shucheng Zhang, graduate student in the Mechanical Engineering and Material Science Department at Duke University. My focus research area is  robotics and system. During my undergraduate years, I did a lot of related research on robotics. I think those experiences make me build an extensive foundation for this area and spirit me to go further. After attending Duke, the magic effect and wide utilization of deep learning attracted me deeply, so I began to focus on the application of deep learning in robotics and system. This is my personal page for course ME555 Experiment Design and Research Methods. I am a member of SHSbot project team, which is instructed by Prof. George Delagrammatikas. My team members are Jiaxun Liu and Yu Zhou. If you have any questions about my work, please feel free to contact me.

Personal Focus:

In the team, I are responsible for  vision and interaction part.  This part is for  interacting with people, sensing the environment and publishing object coordinates which can be used to control the robot arm. I mainly focus on three goal in this part as follow: 

  • Using Deep Learning technology to train a recognition model and then achieve object recognition
  • Using Depth Camera to get object position information and publish them to the controllers
  • Organizing topics publishing and subscribing in ROS
  • Joint calibration of robot arm and camera

Email Address:

                                                              Smart Home Service Robot                  



We want to build a 6-degree of freedom robot arm to help us do some simple but tedious  households  to improve our living quality. To achieve this, we use Jetson Nano, Arduino and Motor for hardware, and Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Simulation in ROS environment.

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Skill level of my part is showed here. If you want more details, please visit our project website.