Personal Website

My name is Jiawei Liang.

A creative man in Capstone.

My major is Material Science and Engineering.

Especially focus on electrochemistry.

I am a master student.


My Project

My main job is to design a brand new robot that uses vibration as power. At the same time, I will also design a circuit to connect the sensor and the robot. Our ultimate idea is to explore some dangerous places by vibrating the robot and collect the data we need.

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Published Paper:

  1. Jiawei L.,  Shuangxiu M.,  Jing L.,  Yangang W., Junli W.,   Quan Z.,  Zhao L.,  Zehui Y.,  Konggang Q., Weiwei C. (2020). Boosting the acidic electrocatalytic nitrogen reduction performance of MoS2 by strain engineering, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, (DOI:


  1. Zhao L.,   Zhe L.,   Jing L.,   Jie X.,   Shunfa Z., Jiawei L.,  Weiwei C.,  Chao W.,  Zehui Y.,  Hansong C. (2019).Engineering of Ru/Ru2P interfaces superior to Pt active sites for catalysis of the alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, (DOI :


  1. 3. Sui C, Pu J, Chen T-H, Jiawei L, Rao Y, Li X, et al. Aqueous mid-infrared electrically switchable opaque building envelopes for all-season radiative thermoregulation. ChemRxiv. Cambridge: Cambridge Open Engage; 2022; (In press on Nature Sustainability)