About me

Hello! My name is Jiao Qian. I am the second-year PhD student of  Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences. In my free time, I like shopping, reading and sleeping. 

Current project: Microbot

Our project is to design a quadruped microrobot without mechanical gears. By tightly integrating mechanical and electronics aspects of the system, the microbot can realize some complex tasks, like moving, rotating and sensing. I’m responsible for the design of circuit board that can activate the microbot and write some Arduino codes to make the microbot realize some tasks.

Design of circuit board

The whole circuit board consist of four parts: lithium battery (can supply power of 3.7 Vpp), boost circuit module (can increase voltage from 3.7 to 5 Vpp), Arduino (can communicate with PC by 4 pwm output) and motors.

More details see here.

Microbot tasks